Backyard porch with undecorated walls
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The Dollar Tree DIY That'll Add A Burst Of Spring To Your Front Porch
Get your front porch ready for the spring season by creating verdant decor inspired by nature, using simple hula hoops and maintenance-free faux lavender bushes from Dollar Tree.
You’ll need three four-packs of different-sized hula hoops and a bag of faux lavender bushes (or faux ivy from Amazon). You can also throw in faux flowers and LED fairy lights.
Arrange your hula hoops on the floor in a design you like, and tie them with zip ties. Then, tightly wrap the ivy around each hula hoop, or tie on the lavender bushes with twine.
Next, you can add fairy lights and faux flowers if you choose, then hang your display on the porch wall with nails, thumbtacks, or hooks, depending on the type of wall you have.