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The Dollar Tree Storage Find That TikTok Users Are Obsessed With
TikToker @lemon_balm80 shared her discovery of Dollar Tree’s budget-friendly but extremely versatile mini collapsible storage baskets that pack flat when you’re not using them.
The clever design makes these baskets ideal for small spaces and perfect to use in so many ways around the home. You can also spray paint them to match the room where you use them.
TikToker @lemon_balm80 keeps one basket for each family member on the steps of her staircase to collect small, everyday items that need to be put back in their place upstairs.
There’s also a bigger version of the collapsible basket that has a handle for easy carrying, which TikToker @sensationalfinds uses to organize each family member’s belongings.
Dollar Tree also supplies labels that you can write on and hang off the edge of the bin as well as felt divider trays to organize office or crafting items, like pens or markers.