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The Downsides Of Raised Panel Cabinets, According To Egypt Sherrod
HGTV's Egypt Sherrod recently helped a homeowner on "Married to Real Estate" move away from choosing dated raised panel cabinets in favor of classic and simple Shaker-style ones.
Despite being a popular sight in the last couple of decades, experts say raised panel cabinet doors create a more traditional look that limits potential design choices.
While Shaker cabinets are simple, their sleeker geometry can fit vintage-inspired aesthetics like cottagecore and farmhouse and more modern-inspired designs.
In the episode "Married to Real Estate," Egypt Sherrod says, "But again, raised panels can date a kitchen. It just so happens a shaker style can almost go with any aesthetic."
This adaptability is essential if you plan to sell your home. Many homeowners prefer their cabinets to be a backdrop to other more dramatic elements.
In addition, Shaker cabinets are often a better decision in terms of practicality. Their simpler profile makes them easier to clean and customize with hardware.