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The Property Brothers' Dramatic Addition to Add Value to Your Bathroom
The Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott know that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to renovate as it can greatly increase a home’s value. You may need to spend the big bucks to add the luxurious feature that Drew included in a recent renovation, but it’s a worthy investment.
In one episode of “Brother vs Brother,” when working on the bathroom, Drew Scott added book-matched slabs that cost over $8,000. Book-matching means installing two or more slabs of engineered stone like granite or marble so that the pattern connects and looks continuous throughout the entire wall to jaw-dropping effect.
If practicality is your main goal, you may want to swap out the book-matched slabs for a gorgeous shower. If you don't have a large budget for your bathroom renovation but you still want to create an opulent appearance, the Property Brothers recommend adding two elements: mixed hardware and beautiful tiles.