Blue star creeper in full bloom
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The Drawbacks Of Replacing Your Grass Lawn With Blue Star Creeper
Replacing traditional grass lawns with blue star creeper might seem appealing due to its low upkeep and water-saving benefits. However, there are significant drawbacks to consider.
This ground cover spreads rapidly through modified underground stems called rhizomes, which can invade large areas swiftly and pop up unexpectedly far from their original location.
If not properly managed, blue star creeper’s aggressive growth can overwhelm neighboring perennials and grasses, potentially smothering other plants in your yard.
This invasive nature can turn a low-maintenance alternative into a high-maintenance hassle, as constant vigilance and intervention are required to manage its vigorous spread.
To manage the creeper’s rampant growth, consider installing deep landscape edging around its perimeter or planting it in large plastic pots that are then buried in the ground.