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The Drawbacks To Installing Gray Wood Flooring In Your Home
Gray has been embraced as a flooring color, but design experts now advise against it because the trend has been overdone — plus, gray floors have several disadvantages.
In a TikTok post, luxury designer Bilal Rehman says that gray floors “suck the life out of any space” and make a home look cheap because they are found everywhere.
Rehman lists gray wood floors alongside furniture sets and generic artwork as things that make the home look as if it lacks character, which should always be avoided.
In another TikTok post, designer Phoenix Grey says gray hardwood floors make it hard to find complementary décor pieces and suggests a natural color for a more lasting look.
While gray wood flooring has become popular, it's better to plan a home that will stand the test of time, as one with gray wood floors will look dated in a few years.
Gray wood flooring is less versatile than other wood tones. It’s more difficult to pair with many interior styles and color schemes, limiting you to decorating with its undertones.
Gray wood flooring can also create a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere in a space and can be difficult to pair with warm lights to create a nice ambiance.