A woman in a hard hat holding a drill.
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The Drill Accessory That Ensures A Perfectly-Spaced Hole Every Time
For projects requiring cordless power drills, hammer drills, or impact drivers, achieving precise hole placement is crucial. Luckily, there’s a piece of hardware that can assist.
You can attach a portable drill guide to the material you are drilling and create a tunnel the drill can go through, providing almost the same level of stability as a drill press.
Some guides use clamps or other items to attach themselves to the material, ensuring they won’t slip. Otherwise, you can hold them in place with your free hand.
The simplest product to carry and use is a block shape that allows you to center and create the hole with cylinders that guide the bit for a perfectly vertical hole.
You’d simply line up the guide using the horizontal and vertical lines on the block and place the cylinder directly over the location where you want to drill.
Depending on your drilling needs, you can opt for a multi-hole portable drill guide — ideal for building furniture — or a simple guide with a single cylinder.