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The Drugstore Find That Makes Storing Seeds
Even Easier
Instead of fumbling around trying to tape up paper seed packets for storage, head to your medicine cabinet and repurpose old prescription medication bottles.
Many places don’t allow you to recycle pill bottles, but you can upcycle them. The moisture-free containers are ideal for unused seeds or seeds you collect from your garden.
The first step in repurposing pill bottles is to empty their contents and remove any exterior labels. Next, thoroughly wash the vials, making sure to scrub any residue.
When you're done, carefully dry the containers inside and out. Ensure the seeds are also dry before storing them, as any level of moisture
can lead to mold growth.
Once the seeds are placed in the pill bottles, create new labels with name, variety, and date. Then, keep the upcycled pill vials in a climate-controlled space.