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The Easiest Way To
Clean Rubber
Tub Mats
Since rubber has pores, mold can infiltrate this substance and quickly turn your bath mat into a breeding ground for fungi. Luckily, you can safely clean it in a dishwasher.
Some may wonder if the mat will melt in a dishwasher, but natural rubber melts only
at 200 degrees F, and dishwashers don't commonly get hotter than 155 degrees F.
It can be safely washed on a dishwasher's top rack once a month, although the bottom rack offers optimal cleaning for stubborn grime, and you won't even need any special soap.
You can wash it along with your dishes or run it through
a cycle by itself. If you want
to avoid drying it in the dishwasher, let it hang dry in your shower or tub before use.
Though a dishwasher will sterilize a mat, you can use a hook or an expandable bath caddy to hang it dry and drain the water after each use to keep it neat between cleanings.