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The Easiest Way To DIY A Festive Halloween Bathing Skeleton Candle
Walmart sells a spooky candle, where a skeleton looks as if it's taking a bath in a cauldron, for $28.96, but TikTok user Matilda (@ky_mom_79) recreated it for about $5.
Matilda bought a black bowl, a toy skeleton, and three white candles from Dollar Tree. She also used a hot glue gun, scissors, a small piece of cloth, and a pot of hot water.
Start by placing your candles in a pot of boiling water to melt them. Meanwhile, use scissors to cut off the skeleton's lower half, and hot glue its upper half inside the bowl.
Cut some cloth and wrap it around the skeleton's head to look like a towel. Once the wax has started melting, pull out the wicks from the candle jars and glue them in the bowl.
Matilda also cut off the skeleton's legs and placed them across from its torso so that its feet are poking out. Finally, pour the melted wax into the bowl and let it dry overnight.