A laminate countertop.
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The Easiest Way To Extend The Life Of Your Laminate Countertops
While the average laminate countertop has a lifespan of no more than 10-15 years — after which it will need to be replaced — there are ways to extend the countertop’s life.
Gently cleanse your laminate countertop once a day with a soft cloth. Address spills right away and avoid using abrasive soaps on the surface as they can scratch your laminate.
In addition to daily maintenance, consider updating the seal on your countertop once a month. Sealing will help keep out water, protecting your laminate from permanent damage.
While laminate repair kits are helpful in the event of small scratches and chips, major gouges and delamination can’t be helped so avoid anything that can cause substantial damage.
Always use barriers such as cutting boards and trivets when using knives or placing hot pans to protect your laminate from heat and scratches as much as possible.