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The Easiest Way To Fix A Ceiling With Water Damage
Coffee-colored stains on your ceiling can indicate water damage, but you don't always have to hire an expensive professional. Address this problem as soon as possible to avoid structural damage or mold and mildew infestations, and if the leak is relatively contained, you won't have to buy entirely new electrical wires, drywall, outlets, and insulation.
First, identify and stop the leak, then remove the damaged drywall by scraping it away using a putty knife — you might also have to peel the wet drywall tape and replace it. Once you let the area dry for 48 hours using fans or dehumidifiers, patch it with a separate piece of drywall using a gypsum-based joint paste, and finally, sand and paint the area after it’s dry.
Prevent water damage by routinely checking your roof, especially after storms with high wind and rain. Inspect and monitor upstairs rooms and utilities to avoid serious damage, and save money by fixing the damage yourself before calling a professional if you can.