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The Easiest
Way To Get Your Paint Brush Squeaky Clean In Record Time
Instead of washing your brushes and waiting for them to dry, use a paintbrush-and-roller spinner, which removes the excess paint and water faster and quicker.
The attachment is effective at cleaning any brushes, so you won't have to purchase a new pack each time you start a new project or try
to restore them once
they've met their end.
Before using the spinner attachment, ensure you first soak your brush in a bucket full of water and remove as much paint as possible.
The spinner has a handle at the top and a small jaw-like holder at the bottom, where you insert the paintbrush handle. Use the top handle to spin the brush and remove the water.
The spinner can clean rollers, too. Simply insert the bottom part into the roller and pull the top to spin it. Do it inside an empty bucket so the water doesn't create a mess.
Home Depot has the most affordable option of this product, from Project Select brand, priced at $8.97, while Amazon sells a Purdy brand for $23.48.