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The Easiest Way To Save Money On Landscaping You May Not Know About
Landscaping can offer benefits like curb appeal and temperature regulation, but between plants, materials, labor, and maintenance, it can be quite expensive to upgrade your yard. Learning how to plant and maintain your landscaping yourself instead of hiring a company will be sure to save you money.
Plant nurseries often have huge markdowns on plants in the late summer and fall to avoid caring for them over winter, and as the ideal time to plant shrubs and trees is in the fall, this is perfect for the buyer. These sales are also a great time to stock up on perennials, but avoid buying annuals late into the season as they are likely at the end of their lifespan.
The easiest way to save on landscaping is to purchase drought-tolerant plants as they require less water, saving you time and money. By doing this, you can avoid installing an irrigation system, and it may be necessary to have drought-resistant plants in areas with water usage restrictions.