White sheets and white pillows on a bed
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The Easiest Way To
Strip Your
Bed Pillows
To steer clear of the mess that stripping laundry in a bathtub will cause, you can treat your washing machine as a soaking vessel for the same results.
When stripping pillows correctly, use a top-loading washing machine. Front loaders can still get the job done, but top loaders allow you to soak before rinsing and draining.
Start by setting your washing machine to fill with hot water and add the stripping ingredients: ¼ cup borax, ¼ cup washing soda, and ½ cup powdered detergent.
Then, add your pillows and let them soak for a minimum of four hours before you drain them and set the machine to rinse and spin. Add an extra rinse for good measure.
By washing your pillows this way every once in a while, you keep them free of dirt, sweat, and other grime, which can all lead to allergy flare-ups and skin breakouts.
Different pillows require different cleaning routines, so check your pillow's label to know what you should avoid. Generally, pillows should be entirely replaced every two years.