Acorns on oak tree in autumn
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The Easiest Ways To Remove Those Annoying Fallen Acorns In Your Yard
An oak tree can drop thousands of acorns in one year. Luckily, you can get rid of them by replanting them, selling them, making them into potting soil, or creating DIY crafts.
Use a mulching lawn mower or a car to run over a pile of acorns and reduce them to a dirt-like consistency. This recycled acorn “mulch” can then be used in your potting soil.
You can also replant acorns to grow more oak trees. Plant sprouted acorns root-side down and unsprouted acorns pointed-end down in a pot to create a new oak tree in a few years.
If you prefer arts and crafts over gardening, you can use the acorns to DIY wreaths, bracelets, or centerpieces. Alternatively, collect bags of them to sell or donate online.