front porch with flowers and empty door
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The Easy Alternative To A Stunning Front Door Wreath
Door wreaths are gorgeous, but maybe it’s time for a fresh new look this spring with a unique hanging basket that’s easy and fun to fill with your favorite fresh or faux flowers.
You can reuse a basket with a flat back that you already have, find a suitable one at your local thrift store, or buy an affordable one from Michaels or a $48 one from Target.
For faux flowers, put some floral foam into the basket, and stick the stems of your flowers, branches, and leaves into the foam to hold them in place.
If you prefer to use real flowers, pack paper and floral foam into the basket to keep it light, line it with plastic, hang it on the door, then add water and your flower selection.
To make your own basket, open a wooden easel to make a cone shape and glue it in place. Glue some folded burlap onto it to hold the flowers, wrap rope around it, and add a bow.