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The Easy DIY That Will Protect Your Garage Floor From Snow This Winter
YouTuber The Jeff of All Trades shared how to create a dam around your car to prevent melted snow and water that drips off your car from damaging belongings stored in your garage.
You’ll need a sponge and soapy water, landscape adhesive, a measuring tape, vinyl door trim, and a table saw. First, clean your garage floor so the vinyl trim can adhere properly.
Next, obtain the dimensions of your dam by measuring the length and width of your car and adding an extra foot for the water runoff to pool inside the dam created with vinyl trim.
Outline where the dam will go on your garage floor and use your table saw to cut strips of vinyl trim to size, slicing the edges at a 45-degree angle so people don't trip over it.
Next, apply adhesive to one vinyl strip at a time, press each strip into place as per your previous markings, then let the trim dry for at least a day before getting the area wet.
When you park your car, melted snow or water runoff will be contained inside the dam rather than spreading throughout your garage, and you can sweep it out into your driveway.