Clutter-free bedroom with flowers and lamp on nightstand
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The Easy Organization Rule That Guarantees A Clutter-Free Bedroom
Between your hectic lifestyle and sheer amount of belongings, organizing your living space can be a challenge. To make the task easier, follow the three-object rule.
The rule says that each horizontal surface, such as a shelf, table, or windowsill, should contain three items at the most. It even states that having no objects is optimal.
Cleaning a bedroom doesn't just involve making sure that clothes, bags, and personal items are put away. You also must dust, sweep, and wipe down surfaces.
With the three-object rule, you can get to the surfaces that need to be cleaned easily, as you can move items to clean underneath them without much hassle.
By following this rule and keeping displayed objects, such as knick-knacks and other personal items, to a minimum, you can make your bedroom look less messy.