Empty end panel of kitchen cabinet
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The Easy Storage DIY That Puts The Side Of Your Cabinets To Good Use
Make use of the sides of your kitchen cabinets by setting up a household command center to store mail, bills, calendars, and other family-related items for easy reference.
The end panel of your upper kitchen cabinet is a convenient spot to turn into the go-to place for your family organization, as it’s located where everyone is bound to pass through.
Some cabinets already have end panel doors and shelves, so you just need to set up your organization tools there; otherwise, you can modify the end panel of a cabinet yourself.
Simply attach cork boards, baskets, calendars, and other items using Command strips for paper or plastic items, magnetic strips for metal objects, and Command hooks to hang items.
You can also drill mini shelves, a door, bars, or hooks to the surface so you have a more permanent storage place. Make these yourself or buy them ready-made and install them.