A close up of a bumble bee collecting pollen on an Ice Plant in summer
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The Easy Way To Attract
More Bees To Your Garden
Bees of all types can be very good for your garden, especially honeybees. The best way to attract them to your garden is to plant thyme among your other plants.
This fantastic herb is an easy-to-access source of nectar that has a strong bite and a floral hint that brings in honeybees along with other pollinators.
At the same time, thyme does an excellent job of keeping flea beetles and hornworms from invading your other plants.
Thyme typically grows low to the ground, but when it blooms, it produces beautiful woody flowers. This is what draws bees to thyme.
For best results, and to encourage bees in every direction, place thyme along the edges of your garden, in a row about a foot or more apart.
Thyme is one option, but adding herbs like chives, fennel, or lavender also provides bees with a source of nectar and typically attracts them.