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The Empty Water Bottle Trick That'll Defeat Stinky Bathroom Odors
For a perpetually clean toilet, all you need is a plastic bottle filled with a toilet-safe cleaner that’s correctly positioned in your toilet tank.
You will need a plastic bottle, a sharp pin, and a toilet-safe cleaning solution. Avoid using bottles larger than a quart, as they may not fit in the tank.
Remove the cap from the bottle and fill it with a liquid cleaning solution, leaving an inch or two of room at the top, and screw the bottle cap back on tightly.
Then, flip the bottle upside down, consolidating the liquid at the top and leaving enough of a fluid-free void to poke multiple holes in the side of the bottle with a pin.
Finally, place the bottle right-side up in the toilet tank. Every flush will allow the toilet cleaner to flow out of the bottle, cleaning your bowl and leaving a refreshing odor.