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The Fast-Growing Tropical Tree That Can Be Planted Indoors Or Outside
If you’re looking for a small tree for your yard or home, the frangipani tree, or plumeria, has a gorgeous array of flowers that will bring a lovely tropical vibe to any space.
If you plan to grow a frangipani outside, ensure that your climate is warm enough throughout all four seasons since it’s tropical or that it has a place inside once it gets cold.
These low-maintenance trees prefer dry, well-draining soil, lots of sunlight, and phosphorus-rich fertilizer in spring and summer to help them produce beautiful flowers.
To grow one inside, choose a variety that won’t grow too tall; plant it in a large pot with well-draining, sandy soil; and place it near a window with plenty of sunlight.
Keep in mind that your plumeria may need to be repotted as it grows and that it’s classified as toxic by the USDA Forest Service, so it should be kept away from children and pets.