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The Fastest Fix For A Clogged Sink
When you don’t clean your kitchen sink properly, skin flakes, soap scum, food waste, and cooking oils can build up on the inside of the pipes and eventually cause a clog. You can prevent these disasters by using a guard over your shower drain so hair doesn't fall through, and in the kitchen, try to avoid washing any food particles down the drain.
If you run into a clogged sink, start by pouring boiling water down the clogged drain, then add up to a cup of baking soda and push it down using a wooden utensil. Let it sit for a few minutes, then pour a cup of white vinegar down the pipe and plug the drain — this will result in a bubbly chemical reaction that will remove the buildup.
If the sink is still clogged, use a drain snake which is a long thin metal cable that can be fed down your drain and then twisted and turned so that the metal hook at the end can grasp the blockage to pull it loose. You can save money by using a wire coat hanger instead, just be careful not to lose your grip on the hanger or snake.