Woman installing faucet cover.
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The Faucet Cover Installation Mistake That Could Cost You
While faucet covers enhance insulation and reduce the risk of freezing during colder months, installing them incorrectly can often cause them to fail in their protective duties.
Avoiding errors such as improper positioning and leaving gaps for air infiltration is crucial. Ensure the cover is correctly placed and securely attached against the wall.
Always position the faucet cover right side up so it can fit snugly. Additionally, measure your outdoor faucet so you can choose a cover that’s the correct size.
An outdoor faucet cover typically features a rubber loop and a slide lock for tightening while slip-over bag faucet covers are equipped with a drawstring for added security.
Be sure to follow all instructions when tightening the outdoor faucet cover you’re using. You can then add caulk around the edges of the cover to keep it tightly sealed.
If you plan on using a DIY cover made out of an old t-shirt or another cloth material, ensure sufficient insulation by adding ample material and securing it firmly.