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The Finicky Perennials You Should Avoid Adding To Your Garden
Though eye-catching, roses require frequent watering, are prone to various diseases and pests, and die easily in hot climates. If you want roses in your garden, consider using a drip irrigation system for watering or getting a lower-maintenance species like the old garden rose.
While the hostas plant may seem low-maintenance, it is a heavy drinker and requires frequent watering to keep the roots wet and the soil moist. Slugs love feeding on the leaves of the hostas, so consider getting the blue hostas variety with thicker leaves if they are a problem in your area.
Venus Flytrap
The Venus flytrap is very high maintenance as it must grow in peat or sphagnum moss with additives like silica sand and can only be watered with rainwater or distilled water. Since they are carnivorous, if you bring your flytrap inside during winter, you will need to catch insects and feed them to the plant.
Being air plants, orchids don't grow in the soil, so you need to plant them in sphagnum moss with very good drainage. You should allow the plants to dry out before giving them a drink and ensure that they get morning sunlight and afternoon shade.
Gardenias need the ideal temperature to flourish, so even an expert gardener will struggle to cultivate this plant in areas with extreme climates. They need partial sunlight, consistent watering, and overall a lot of attention, so this plant is not recommended for those with busy schedules.