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The Firewood Storage Mistake That Will Attract Pests To
Your Home
Firewood is needed for many reasons, but it’s important to store it properly. Leaning logs on an outside wall near the door is tempting but can make your home vulnerable to pests.
Another problem with stacking wood against your home is that rainwater from the roof and gutters can get into it and the ground underneath, making the wood wet and hard to burn.
It’s also recommended that wood be stored at least 30 feet away from any doors or openings, not just to keep out pests but also to reduce the chance of damage from a wildfire.
Store firewood somewhere that not only is a safe distance from your home, but keeps it covered, safe from moisture, and allows 10 feet of clearance on all sides for air flow.
Use an elevated structure that is a few inches away from the ground with a waterproof tarp or cover. Firewood racks come in stylish options that can safely suit your various needs.