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The Five Best Container Store Hacks That Will Save You Money
Shop Sales
Shopping sales is an obvious money-saving tip for any type of store, but The Container Store has some impressive ones. The "sales" section on the website has a wide selection of items at any given time, and local stores have unique clearance sections, as well as local sales.
Find Freebies
Take advantage of any free services your local Container Store is offering, such as free design ideas and chances to interact with trained design experts. All locations also have free store pick-up, so you can order online and then visit the store when it's most convenient, saving upwards of $20 on shipping fees.
Be Loyal
The Container Store has a loyalty program you can join to find more deals and discounts, and rack up points whenever you make a purchase. Additionally, you can opt to apply for The Container Store credit card, with regular discounts and interest-free financing.
Get A Job
If you are looking to mega-organize your home and have some spare time, consider getting a job at The Container Store. According to Container Stories, all employees (both full-time and part-time) receive a 50% discount on Elfa products and a 40% discount on other products.
Buy Second-Hand
When it comes down to it, you don't need to purchase items from The Container Store to own things from there. By buying second-hand, not only will you save a bundle, but you will also be reducing your environmental footprint by buying used instead of new.