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The Five Best Costco Home Goods Hacks That Will Save You Money
Price Tag Language
Costco warehouses use a price tag language that’s mostly for internal operations, but it helps to know. Price tags that end in $0.97 have been marked down from the original price, $0.49, $0.79, and $0.89 usually mean the item is still regularly priced, while prices ending with $0.88 or $0.00 usually mean it's a manager markdown.
Summer Closeouts
Even though Costco doesn't function completely like traditional retailers, they do participate in seasonal clear outs just like others do. The biggie at Costco comes in the summer time, when you might get great deals on items like barbecues and beach chairs, as well as off-season items like holiday decorations.
Product Placements
Store layout aims to draw the shopper in as deeply as possible, so you will often find the best prices dead center, or on clearance in the back or on the sides of the stores. The best thing to do is orient yourself with your own local Costco, learn the patterns, and proceed accordingly.
Have Goals
One of the quickest ways to spend more money than intended at Costco is to go in without a plan. You can view a lot of Costco's inventory online, so it’s best to write out what you plan to buy ahead of time and stick to that list.
Use Coupons
To get the best deals on home goods at Costco, you need to go beyond simply perusing the aisles and make sure you receive regular coupon mailers, too. These coupon books can save you quite a bit off of the in-store price on certain merchandise, including home goods.