Christmas cactus flowers
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The Food Scraps You Can Use To Fertilize Your Christmas Cactus
Originating from Brazilian rainforests, Christmas cacti can flourish with a natural boost from eggshells, which are rich in nutrients, particularly calcium.
To water your cactus with an eggshell solution, boil 10-20 eggshells in water, let them sit overnight, and then remove the shells from the water.
Be sure to only water with this solution every once in a while and only use a little at a time to avoid providing too much of the nutrient.
You can also turn eggshells into a powder by grinding them up, sprinkling them over the soil in your cactus' pot, and stirring them in for a quick calcium boost.
For a more gradual nutrient release, strategically place eggshell pieces at the pot's base, providing a sustained source of calcium carbonate over time.
Exercise caution to avoid over-supplementing calcium, which may harm the Christmas cactus’ roots. Moderation is key to ensure optimal growth.