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The Fruit You Need To Help Your Garden Plants Thrive
The Pharma Innovation Journal found that the organic nutrients in coconut water "enhanced the soil nutrient availability and uptake of nutrients," resulting in an increased yield.
These findings highlight that this tropical delight not only caters to human needs but also serves remarkable benefits when its water is used as a fertilizer for plants.
To start, combine approximately one tablespoon of coconut water with 1 liter of water, giving it a good shake to ensure a thorough blend.
Apply the liquid fertilizer onto the soil near the plant's roots, or pour the solution into a spray bottle and mist the leaves of your flowering houseplants, herbs, and veggies.
This all-natural coconut fertilizer also serves as an organic pesticide. Its natural properties repel harmful pests, providing a protective shield for your vibrant foliage.
However, prevent direct sunlight exposure to the plants after applying
this method, as it may impact efficiency. Aim to use the nutrient blend every two to four weeks.