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The Functional Outdoor Feature You Can DIY From An Old Garden Hose
Here’s how to turn your old garden hose into a durable, waterproof 1970s-inspired round outdoor rug to stand on when watering the garden or kneel on when weeding.
If you don’t have an old hose to upcycle, buy one from Lowe’s or Walmart. You can choose the color and materials and make it bigger by using more hose if you prefer.
To make your rug, you'll also need zip ties (a 100-piece-pack of transparent plastic 6-inch ties costs $6.99 on Amazon), sharp scissors, and gloves to protect your hands.
Take the fittings off the hose, lay it on the ground, and bend it back onto itself about 5 to 8 inches. Push a zip tie through the middle of this bent-over section and tighten it.
Coil the hose around itself, adding zip ties to keep it from unraveling. When the rug is the size you want, snip off the zip tie ends and tuck the joins into the folds.