Woman inspecting a freshly washed and dried white garment
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The Genius Alka-Seltzer Hack That Brightens Your Dingy Yellowed Whites
An Alka-Seltzer hack can effectively brighten white clothes that have developed yellow stains due to deodorant, sunscreen, oxidation, or prolonged storage.
The process entails pre-soaking the clothes in a solution of two Alka-Seltzer tablets and approximately four quarts of water, after the tablets have finished fizzing.
It is ideal to let the items soak overnight, but a few hours will suffice in a pinch. Then, dry the clothes outside or in a warm room to restore their original white color.
This hack works thanks to the stain-removing properties of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, both constituents of Alka-Seltzer and proven effective even in cleaning toilet bowls.
Though the method is generally safe, conducting a patch test on old clothes or a discreet section of the garment is recommended before treating valuable items.