Messy closet overstuffed with clothes
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The Genius Dollar Tree DIY That Creates Extra Storage In Your Closets
TikTok creator @chairbear25 demonstrates how to install an additional storage rack in your closet that will hold more of your items without compromising on organization.
You'll need some buckets with handles, a pack of S-hooks, and a broom handle from Dollar Tree. Start by hanging two S-hooks on opposite ends of your closet’s existing clothes rail.
Next, insert one end of the broom handle through one hook, slide your buckets onto the broom handle, then insert the other end of the broom handle into the other hook.
You now have some hanging storage bins. If your closet doesn’t have a pre-installed clothes rail, attach a curtain rod between two walls in your closet and follow the same process.
Fill the buckets with shoes, scarves, beanies, or any accessories that don't fit on shelves. You can also add storage to a pantry or any other closet in your home with this method.