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The Genius Dollar Tree Side Table Hack That Uses Just
Two Items
If you've been looking for a side table but haven't found one in your budget, TikTok user @meiralaryssa knows how to create two stunning side tables with items from Dollar Tree.
The side tables have an hourglass-shaped base with a flat top as the table's surface. The project cost about $50, making it more affordable than buying a standard side table.
For the project, you'll need 11 plastic bowls, two trays, spray paint, a primer, a gloss clear coat, and E6000 adhesive glue. Start by laying out all of your bowls on a table.
Place one bowl upside down to look like a dome, then glue the bottom of another bowl to it, creating an hourglass. Do this twice more and glue all the pieces in a stack.
Next, allow the glue to dry and spray paint your base. While the paint is drying, prime and spray paint your tray, let it dry, and splash it with the gloss clear coat.
Finally, glue the base to the tray by laying the tray flat on its face and gluing it to the top of the base. You can make another, smaller side table by using 1 less bowl.
Allow the glue to dry completely before putting anything on the tables, and only use lightweight items to decorate them. Adding too much weight can cause the tables to fall.