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The Genius Painter's Tape Hack That Keeps Your Paintbrush Clean
Some painting jobs get so messy that you get paint on the brush handle, which in turn gets paint on you, your clothes, and other spots where it doesn't belong.
This mess does not have to be the case with your paintbrush, especially if you use painter's tape to protect the handle and the base of the bristles.
Starting at the metal ferrule (or base) where you see the bottom of the bristles, wrap your brush with the tape. The tape should overlap the bristles by just a short distance.
If you're a very messy painter, keep winding down the tape to include the handle. After that, you can dip your brush as normal and start painting away.
If too much paint accumulates on the ferrule or the handle, either add more tape if the coat isn't too thick, or simply take off the wet tape and replace it.
For this hack, regular blue painter's tape will work best. The blue tape will keep paint off of the handle and base of the brush as well as the bottom of the bristles.