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The Genius Pool Noodle Hack For Keeping Drawer Organizers In Place
While drawer organizers are great, if they don't fit perfectly, they can shift whenever you open or close the drawer. Luckily, there's an easy way to fix this problem.
Simply place a cut pool noodle in the gap to keep your organizer snugly in place. All you need to complete this hack is a pool noodle and something to cut it with.
House Digest tested this out on a silverware organizer from OXO. While the organizer fits perfectly from left to right, there's a small gap behind it at the back of the drawer.
First, measure the space you want to fill so that you can cut your pool noodle. The pool noodle's width was perfect for us, but if this isn't the case for you, cut it lengthwise.
We removed the organizer completely and pushed the noodle to the back, and once the organizer was back in place, the noodle wasn't visible at all.
The noodle fit snugly between the edge of our organizer and the back of the drawer, so it kept it from moving at all, no matter how forcefully the drawer was opened and closed.
The hack is genius, but it's only beneficial if you need to fill a space that isn't visible. If there's a lot of extra space in your drawer, try filling the area with other items.