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The Genius Rice Hack That Will Leave Your Home Smelling Fresh
Combining uncooked rice with essential oils is a little-known elegant-looking trick for a great-smelling home when things start
to smell a little funky.
Gather your materials first, starting with 1/2 cup of rice. In addition to your preferred essential oil, you'll need two bowls: a mixing bowl and a smaller, more decorative bowl.
After putting rice into the mixing bowl, add 20 total drops of essential oil. Mix the rice and oils together, transfer it to your decorative bowl, and place it in your room.
Because the rice is uncooked and hard, the essential oils simply coat the grains, which allows the scents to evaporate into the air and spread the fragrance for four to six months.
Place this non-edible rice out of the reach of small children and pets. Also, if you have a dog, only use 10 drops of oil and stick to lavender, which they can tolerate well.