woman loading laundry into stacked front loading washing machine
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The Genius Shelf DIY That's Ideal For Stacked Front Load Washing Machines
This simple DIY project from TikToker @homebodyhq will stop you from putting your back out by helping to make it easier to load and unload your stacked front-load washing machine.
@homebodyhq created a simple shelf that you can slip between your machines to rest your laundry basket on, so transferring your clothes in and out of the washer door is easier.
All you'll need is a wooden board that's thin enough to fit easily between your two appliances, some screws, a screwdriver, and any suitable handle that will fit on the shelf.
Cut your wooden board so it slides smoothly between your washer and dryer without sticking or falling out. Then, paint the board and screw the handle on one end.