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The Genius Storage Hack That'll Keep Your Messy Laundry Room Organized
This viral TikTok hack from user @mommylifesquad will turn your laundry room into an area that gives you space to sort out laundry once it’s been washed so that it doesn’t pile up.
To start, you’ll need a few storage racks and as many storage baskets as there are people in your family. For example, purchase four if there are four people.
Place each basket in a storage rack slot and you’ll be left with separate spaces to store freshly-laundered items of each member of the family.
This trick will not only help to keep laundry organized, but it may also encourage children to collect their own laundry if they see it’s in their designated spot.
Buy stickers and labels that each family member can customize if you want to add some personality and help everyone avoid mix-ups.