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The Genius Wine Bottle Hack That
Will Attract More Birds
To Your Yard
For more birds in your yard, you can create a self-functioning gravity bird feeder. When you fill the bottle with seeds and turn it upside down, the seeds will fall into its base.
To begin, you'll need a wine bottle, bird seed, a funnel, a pencil, 1-inch thick soft pine or cedar wood, nails, screws, a drill, a saw, a protractor, a hammer, and wood glue.
For the back plate, cut one piece of wood to 17 inches long and 6 inches wide with a 45-degree angle point at one end. Cut the two side pieces at 13 inches long and 2 inches wide.
Create the 6-inch base and two sides, and cut the two roof pieces. Then, put wood glue on the bottom of the back panel and press it down firmly so it stands atop the base.
Next, glue the two edge pieces to the sides of the base. Align the bottom piece, attach it with wood glue, and assemble the roof into a perfect triangle.
To hold the bottle in place, drill three screws into the base, place the bottle so that the neck sits between the screws, and drill another screw to hold the top of the bottle.