Lamb loin chops cooking on a barbecue grill, Lafayette, California, July 10, 2022. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)
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The Grill Cleaning Hack That Uses Only A Common Pantry Ingredient
Regularly cleaning a grill’s surface is essential not only for quality food, but for the quality of your own health, as smoke from grease and burnt food residue often carries polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, resulting in respiratory cancers. Fortunately, a safe and natural cleaning solution can be found in your own kitchen.
When it comes to using natural ingredients to help you clean around the house, your best bet for degreasing your grill might be to use an onion. Onions have naturally acidic properties, which breaks down the hard-to-remove fat, char, and food remnants from the last time you fired up your barbeque.
For best results, first turn your barbeque to a high temperature to burn away any of the previous food bits, plus melt any leftover grease. Cut a large onion in half, and with a pair of cooking tongs or a grilling fork, grab or stab the back of the onion and rub it along the hot grill with the sliced part facing down.
The immense heat gets the onion’s juices flowing, which will start to break up the grease remaining on the cooking surface of your barbeque. Once you have finished, you should be left with a nice clean grill ready for you to use, and the leftover used onion can then be tossed into the composter.