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The Handy Tool That Makes Assembling IKEA Pieces So Much Better
If you've assembled IKEA furniture, you know the painful process of using an Allen wrench. However, Harbor Freight offers a ¼-inch ratchet designed to use hex-shank bits.
The bits include the many sizes of Allen keys, and ICON is Harbor Freight's premium in-house brand. Its products have a strong reputation as professional-grade tools.
The ICON has a female ¼-inch recess for standard ¼-inch hex-shank bits. The head that accepts hex bits flexes forward and back to help with awkward angles.
The ratchet is small and great for tight spaces. It comes with a four-inch extension that elongates the handle for more torque.
The extension itself also has a ⅓-inch hex shaft and can be used to extend the ratchet head perpendicular to the handle, like most ratchet extensions.