An interior, red brick wall that has been painted numerous times, most recently with white and then green paint
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The Hidden Downsides Of Painting A Brick House
While painting your home's brick exterior sounds like a great way to give it a refreshed look, there are several drawbacks to doing so, including the need to maintain it.
Once you paint brick, it can no longer breathe to dry out, which will cause moisture to get stuck in the material, damaging the paint over time.
The exterior of a home is exposed to the elements, so paint will quickly get dirty and chipped. You'll need to keep cleaning it, creating a lot of work for yourself.
Chipping will happen more often than you may realize, and you can also expect to have to repaint the home whenever the color fades, which could be as often as every few years.
Instead of painting, have the brick cleaned well or try brick staining. Alternatively, you could use a brick coating, like Rhino Shield, that looks like paint but repels water.