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The Hidden Downsides To Black Stainless Steel Appliances
Current trends in home design include dark, moody kitchens that use sleek black stainless steel appliances. However, these pieces come at steep prices, and valued at $300 more than regular stainless steel, they don’t work like the luxury items they appear to be.
For all your appliances to match, you’ll want to purchase the entire line from one brand to avoid clashing colors and finishes that can completely change the look of your kitchen. Without having a uniform appearance, your efforts to have a trendy, fashionable kitchen can end horribly wrong.
Black stainless steel has the ability to ward off greasy fingerprints, but customers of Samsung, LG, and Kenmore appliances are finding that the thin, dark coating that protects against smudges flakes away within a year. This is not covered by your warranty as it's seen as a cosmetic issue, and in 2021, a class-action lawsuit against Samsung was filed concerning the problem.
Author Dana McMahan shares that her black stainless steel fridge suffered a large scratch when her house sitter accidentally used a magnet on the fridge. When asking KitchenAid for help with the issue, she was left only with the response that they didn't have any recommendations for removing scratches from black stainless steel.