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The Hidden Downsides To Farmhouse Sinks
They’re Pricey
Farmhouse sinks are characterized by their deep basin, wide frontage, and exposed apron, but prices range from $500 to well over $3000 — due to the pricey steel, copper, and fireclay they often use. The notoriously difficult installation can also increase the cost, and you may have to get new counters or cabinets to make the sink fit.
They’re Big
One of the reasons that installation can be difficult is that a farmhouse sink takes up more space than a traditional sink. Farmhouse sinks are often larger and deeper, so even if you already have a hole where your sink was, chances are, a farmhouse sink is not going to fit there.
They’re Heavy
Because of the size and weight of farmhouse sinks, they need extra support, which may take up even more under-counter space. Fireclay and cast iron sinks can weigh up to 200 pounds when filled with water — plus pots, pans, and other dishes — so you may need a professional to install the sink properly.