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The Hidden Downsides To Front Load Washing Machines
Front load washing machines come with many benefits: they’re great for small homes because the washer and dryer can be stacked atop one another; they’re high-efficiency; and, they’re a better value than top load models. However, front load washing machines aren’t perfect and do have a few disadvantages.
The most significant downside to using front load washing machines is their susceptibility to growing mold and mildew, which could spread from machine to clothes. Owners will want to always leave the door open when the machine is not running, and to clean the machine on a regular basis — both practices should prevent mold and mildew from forming.
Front load washers are also more likely to be damaged if the weight distribution is uneven, which is why they should never be overstuffed. Also, another mild irritation is that the machines cannot be opened mid-cycle to add in clothes that were initially forgotten, and if they do come with a pause button, users must wait for the water to drain, wasting water and detergent.