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The Hidden Downsides To Smart Refrigerators
When you're looking to buy a smart fridge, you'll probably notice that they cost significantly more than standard fridges, and it’s not just a one-time splurge. Since smart refrigerators are more complex inside than their dumb counterparts, they cost significantly more to repair as well.
After shelling out for a smart fridge, you'll find the costs don't stop. As they get older, manufacturers drop support for them, and once a smart fridge's software is disabled, owners can either use the refrigerator as a dumb fridge with higher repair costs or replace it at great expense.
Most people associate smart devices with convenience, but while smart fridge features like suggesting recipes are useful, they're more time-consuming than you think. Most models require you to manually log each piece of food you buy, so in the long run, it would probably be faster just to look up your own recipes.
As a smart fridge gets older, it doesn't just lose its functionality — it also turns into an increasingly dangerous security risk. Smart refrigerators are an easy connection in your home's network for hackers to target, with very little security and limited updates.