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The Hidden Drawbacks Of Putting A Walk-In Shower In Your Bathroom
While the curbless, barrier-free model of a walk-in shower can help you get in and out of the shower easier, it can also cause major flooding issues.
This can be compounded by inadequate ventilation. Without a barrier, there's nothing to stop the water from the shower from spreading elsewhere in the bathroom.
When water leaks out of the shower, it can come in contact with porous surfaces such as painted walls and wooden baseboards, which can damage the finish.
Beyond that, it also creates a perfect breeding environment for bacteria, mildew, and mold. This can become an even bigger issue if there isn't a strong enough ventilation system.
In addition, to combat any drafty cold spots you feel while standing in your walk-in shower, you may need heavy-duty insulation, which can be a costly and extensive project.