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The Home Decor Taylor Can't Get Enough Of Is No Surprise To Swifties
Cats are a big part of Taylor Swift's life, and, as such, they're also a big part of her home. She has a Cat Room, which already had ten or more cat-related décor items by 2016.
Swift’s home is a testament to how interior design doesn't have to be staid to be beautiful. She has throw pillows bearing her cats' faces and fan art inspired by her pets.
In Swift's home, she has feline figurines with practical uses, such as serving as bookends. You can follow this lead by seeking out specific décor items made in the shape of cats.
The Kit Kat Clock is one of the most recognizable items of kitschy design, sold on Amazon for $59.99. Concentrate your cat décor in one area of your home or spread it throughout.
There are also numerous ways to customize products with pictures of your cats, accepting inspiration from Taylor in that way. You can even have your own giant cat face pillows.